Best @cheesecake one can hope for – The Cheesecake Factory


I love cheesecake. You know I do. You can feel it through every pore of this blog (see all my past cheesecake-related posts).

So when I’d visited USA, I knew one thing I absolutely had to do was visit The Cheesecake Factory.

I’ve heard a lot about this place from the lucky people who’ve gobbled down plates and plates of oozing, soft and creamy cakes there before and in no way was I about to let this opportunity pass me by!

Luckily, I was visiting the John Hancock Center in Chicago and by golly, there was a Cheesecake Factory outlet in the same building. It was fate!


What to eat…what to eat? It was a hard choice, more so because each item on the menu looked oh-so-tempting. How did anyone manage to pick cheesecakes in this place?!
Then I remembered the best cheesecake I’d had before. So I set about trying to find something on the menu that closely matched the one I’d gobbled up greedily in London. The waiter helped – I explained I’d never been before which is why I was taking far too much time over my cheesecake selection.

TADA: White Chocolate Chunk Cheesecake Swirled with Macadamia Nuts and Caramel on a Blond Brownie Crust. (Well aware the one I’d had previously was original cheesecake with macadamia nuts and caramel sauce, but this was the closest I could find!).

When it arrived on the table, I gulped…was I going to be able to finish it? It’s huge!


I did. It was soft but with the right amount of thickness, so so so creamy and the macadamia nuts add so much to the taste of the cake. I loved it!


And that’s how FooDee had the best cheesecake she could ever have hoped for. I’m aching for more…


7 thoughts on “Best @cheesecake one can hope for – The Cheesecake Factory

  1. Nice blog. I am going to try White chocolate Macadamia with blonde brownie crust one of these days..I’d have to eat a heavy dinner, and than follow it with the Macadamia Carmel blondie brownie crust..oh my.I’d probably do a glass of cold milk to drink with that.

  2. I went to Cheesecake Factory once, years and years ago and after lunch I ordered the Godiva super duper chocolate cheesecake and still to this day I have never had anything so rich and crazy. It was so chocolatey and sweet that I was literally shaking after eating it! I think their mains are good too, but I don’t even remember what I had!

  3. Thanks Andrew (and sorry for the late reply)! Definitely try that cheesecake out…it was extremely rich and very good.

  4. Sheryn – haha yeah I saw that cheesecake and thought, OMG that sounds so damn rich! Haha yeah I was shaking a bit after mine too. There was this garden-ish area outside this branch…I just went there and sat for a while to calm myself down :DWe should go to the Cheesecake Factory when it opens in Dubai … will be GOOD.

  5. absolutely. I am a bigger fan of there food than deserts. some cheesecakes, but too sweet for my taste. Dishes, some of my favorites: Stuffed Chicken Tortillas, Chicken Medallions, Lua Salad, Four Seasons Pizza Avacado Eggrolls. sunday brunch: French Toast with strawberries and chantilly cream. Joe’s omelete.   I had a small blog, w/3 entires   Andrew Melcher

  6. Oooooh , I can relate with you , the moment I see cheesecake I am hooked , I wish I could have that slice . I had heard about the cheesecake factory opening here in Dubai , where is it ??? . It’s about time they did . Also thank you for the kind comment on my bog . Cheers :D.

  7. Shabs – no idea where it’s opening, sorry. Just have to wait and see! I hope they have the same menu though…would be a shame to see any of these gorgeous items not here.

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