As I melted into little puddles of delight amidst a chocolate haze…


Chocolate + coffee = a bouncy, happy and very satisfied me.

I had recently gone to USA as part of a press trip organized by Kohler, and apart from the press conferences and roundtable discussions the journalists were treated to…there was also a whole lot of food.

One of the places that has firmly ensconced itself into my heart is this gorgeous little café at The Shops at Woodlake – The Craverie.

The signboard said “chocolatier’ and ‘café’…I’m sorry, what’s a die-hard chocolate and coffee fan gonna do but melt into little puddles of chocolatey anticipation and explode in a series of caffeine drips all over the food fantasy currently playing out in her head?

I know, right?

You enter the café and see the display case, filled with luscious goods and mouth-watering sweets and snacks. Muffins, cupcakes, pastries and more. All laid out in an enticing array of visual food delight.

An L-shape for customers to walk in, you walk along the lower part of the L, then turn right for the longer bit. And then you see items that look like ganaches and precious stones on your right. Really.

Which is only compounded by this fantastic necklace…made out of chocolates.

They even do ice cream and waffles, which sadly I did not get a chance to taste.
I kept walking straight and … I was in love. A massive table of pastry delights were laid out for the contingent of journalists.
Then I went snap-happy. We went from jewels…

…with a view!
The chocolates were rich, pure decadence and it’s absolutely impossible – if you’re a die-hard chocolate fan that is – to not want to return more than once.
I learned a lot on this trip; I never knew Kohler has its own brand of chocolate, but I was pleasantly surprised to see how much attention to detail was paid to the richness of the taste. If anyone’s in Kohler, Wisconsin, coffee and some dessert at this picturesque café is worth it.

2 thoughts on “As I melted into little puddles of delight amidst a chocolate haze…

  1. Sally - My Custard Pie November 5, 2011 — 09:58

    Gosh those chocolates are like jewels aren’t they? What a brilliant experience.

  2. Sally (@Sally2hats), yes it was a great experience. I loved the different kinds of chocolates and cakes that were available. One of those times you wish you had more time to return!

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