It’s time for Africa…at Tribes

Turning our attention back to the food after an energetic performance, we attacked the roast lamb and ox tail.

The roast lamb is meant to be marinated in ancient Bushman spices and slow roasted. It’s served in a delicious tomato-based gravy and vegetables floating about. The meat was so tender, the knife sliced through it like soft butter. One of my favourites from the meal.


The ox tail is a traditional braised dish served with potato mash, and carrots. It was very tender as well. What I had heard of before was ox tail soup, but this was the first time I had heard of a non-soup version. My companion said this dish made him think of the tender meat from a mandi. I agreed and thought it was moist and full of flavour.


We also ordered sweet potato chips, which I felt complemented the meal really well.


I think the dishes we ordered proved the restaurant has something for everyone – I preferred the roast lamb with its herb-y undertones, while my companion loved the ox tail more because it could stand well on its own without additional flavouring.

Dessert was really good. We ordered two – the chocolate malva pudding and the warm date and pistachio sponge.

We were told by the manager that the chocolate malva pudding was one of the restaurant’s best sellers. I loved this one…sort of like a molten chocolate cake, it was crispy on the outside, but extremely soft and moist inside.


The date and pistachio sponge was good too, again demonstrating the differences in tastes the restaurant caters to. I preferred my chocolate dessert, my companion preferred this one. He said the flavour of pistachio wowed him…so pistachio fans, this one is apparently for you.


As I said, I found the atmosphere of this place to be wonderful, with a very friendly staff, who do everything they can to make your time there enjoyable. It’s one of those places where I’d go for a special occasion or to have a relaxing, fun meal with friends and family.

The impression I got was that they take it upon themselves to make sure everyone feels at home, no matter where they’re from, and it works. I’m definitely interested in going back.

Disclaimer: I had a complimentary meal at Tribes. The following lists the price of everything I ordered.

FooDee Ordered:
Ugandan fish croquettes – AED 40/-
Multi tribal sausage platter – AED 40/-
Kalahari roast lamb – AED 140/-
Ox tail – AED 160/-
Aroma of Africa – AED 20/-
Brain wash – AED 20/-
Sweet potato chips – AED 15/-
Tribes special – AED 25/-
Warm date and pistachio sponge – AED 30/-
Chocolate malva pudding – AED 30/-
TOTAL – AED 520/-


Practical tips: Park anywhere in the middle of the mall and head to the ground floor of the dome. It’s where the valet parking is, so park on either side of that area unless you’re okay with the parking fee. And if you’re taking the metro, then … Mall of the Emirates metro station is it! Go with an empty stomach; I did and I still didn’t end up eating for the rest of the day!

7 thoughts on “It’s time for Africa…at Tribes

  1. Devina I envy you!!! XD you are so lucky to go to this place, I wish I had a original African style restaurant here around, in fact I think so that’s missing in Goa.First time that I hear of a ox tail dish which isn’t a soup. I love the taste of it so, I ought to research a bit more in this direction.The restaurant looks amazing, its like as if you are in Africa for the time being there. Enjoyed the show as well.Thanks for sharing!

  2. DerrickPereira August 27, 2012 — 15:17

    I really like Tribes! Have been there a few times now and have never once had a bad meal. Good food with authentic flavour!

  3. I was wondering how you all did down there – I quite like tribes. I’ve been a couple of times with the kids and they are big fans. Haven’t tried that roast lamb, and it sounds amazing. Love your photo of it too xx

  4. @MasalaHerb Haha nooo don’t envy me! I think envy the people who’ve gone there loads of times πŸ™‚ Btw I might be coming down to Goa in a few months…will buzz you then if that’s alright! And yeah, the show was lots of fun.

  5. @DerrickPereira Any other dishes at Tribes you’d recommend? I’d love to go back too!

  6. Sarah – Thank you πŸ™‚ I did like that one!

  7. Sally - My Custard Pie October 11, 2012 — 07:23

    Gorgeous pics Dee. It was a lovely evening wasn’t it…

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