Karak tea on Jumeirah Road

Karak Jumeirah

This is one of those short, random, tiny posts that is akin to a public service alert. One that just wants to let you know about something.

I was alerted to this place on Jumeirah Beach Road by @MaliZomg who said there was a karak place in the area, right after Ijaza Cafeteria. Okay then. One day I saw it, a block after Ijaza, with a little peeping sign that said “Karak”.

That’s it. No frills. So managed to find parking, went in and got a cup of hot, steaming and perfect karak for AED1. Seriously. I’ve gone later and filled up a flask and got charged AED 12. It lasted all day. Also had hot samosas one afternoon with my chai, those were also AED 1 each.

So this PSA is to let people know… if you’re on Jumeirah Beach Road and want some karak, this is the place to go. Be warned that in the evenings it’s hard to find parking, but the back roads have spots + if you park a little ahead, it’s not too bad a walk. The map below is accurate – hope it helps!

Where do you like your karak or chai? Let me know so I can try it out!


2 thoughts on “Karak tea on Jumeirah Road

  1. Hi, I leave street across jumeirah beach road, still goes to Al Quoz Chai Wala cafe for a nice tea as I don’t like tea made of condensed milk (rainbow n stuff)
    Cheers 🙂

  2. I love to try different drinks, and the blog makes me want to try Karak tea. Just checked out the health drinks at Wagamama which is also near Palm Jumeriah.. but definitely trying Karak Tea.

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