Egyptian falafels, Star Wars, and a little smidgen of love

Falafels Foul W Hummus

Readers who have stayed with me throughout the years may remember my falafel trek? After trudging around Deira and Bur Dubai the last time, I think I’ve found something closer to home that I’m madly in love with: Foul W Hummus.

It started when fellow food blogger Didi told me about it over a year ago. I tried it then, liked it just fine. Didn’t pay much attention to it. And then I decided to go to Comic Con in 2012 (seriously, bear with me here…there is a point to this story)… and I had a white Princess Leia dress stitched for me. I went to Sharjah (where my seamstress is based) one Thursday night with a friend (and you know it’s a friend when they come with you to Sharjah on a Thursday night) and it was nearly 10pm when I came back to Dubai. I was hungry … and all that was on my brain was some shawarma and falafels. While at that time, there were no shawarmas at Foul W Hummus, there were falafels. And so around 10:30pm at night, that friend and I hungrily ate hot, yummy and crispy falafels. And from then, a love story began. In more ways than one.

But we’ll focus on the love story with Foul W Hummus for now, shall we?

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been here so far. But I can tell you how scrumptious the food is, and how friendly the service is. And so I shall.

Walk into this tiny café tucked in the road near the Sharaf DG metro station, but don’t plan to eat in – there really is no space. Take-away is what it’s meant for.

Falafels from Foul W Hummus

If you order some falafels, be prepared to be shocked by the price: three crispy-on-the-outside-and-soft-on-the-inside, delicious little falafels are yours for AED 1. Seriously. Order some of those, and while you wait, the super-friendly staff will hand you one falafel to taste. You will love it, and potentially order more than you originally said. You have been warned.

Hummus from Foul W Hummus

Don’t stop there. Order the hummus. It’s not over-bearingly thick – but creamy, topped with chickpeas, and a lemony tang. It’s potentially the best hummus I have had in the UAE – hands down. Nothing else compares.

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They’ve also started shawarmas now. I grant you, it’s not the best shawarma in the world. But when they offer it up with a smile and a joke, you decide to have it anyway.

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The restaurant even dishes up falafel sandwiches. And these are gorgeous. When they ask if you want it spicy, know that it will really hit your nerves. Not for the people who like it mild. So tell them to temper it down for you. And they will.

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This is definitely one of my favourite places to eat at – try it, and let me know what you think! The people who serve food there are extremely friendly, and love it when we speak to them in Arabic when we can. Want service with a smile, and some of the best falafels and hummus ever? This is your best bet.


So…my love story with Foul W Hummus continues… It’s not expensive, the food is great, and it’s near my home AND office. Also … every time I go there, I think of the people sitting in a red-and-white car, devouring the great Egyptian street food, not knowing they’d still be there one year later.

Practical tips: If using the metro, it’s closest to the Sharaf DG metro station. Exit the station, turn left, then right at the roundabout. It’s on that street. Around 5 minutes of walking. If using a car, there’s the RTA paid parking right in front.

I also did a short review of Foul W Hummus on Zomato earlier on – you can follow me there for short reviews/updates on my foodee life!

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