Satisfying a burger craving at Burger360

Burger360 pano

[2017 EDIT: I believe this restaurant is now closed; leaving the post up]

I like burgers. Maybe I shouldn’t, because they love me in all the wrong places…but I do. I might have made mistakes in the past about where I eat them, but through those mistakes I now know what I do not like. What I definitely do not want is a dried patty of unidentifiable origin that could or could not be edible, hidden inside over-sized suspicious-looking buns that may or may not be within expiry date.

But, oh how I love finding a juicy meat patty slapped between two fresh pieces of bread, slathered with mayo or ketchup, or topped with pickles or tomatoes. Something cooked well, and of good quality.

Suffice to say, I’m now selective about where I have my burgers. And there was a time earlier this year that I was craving, desiring and lusting after burgers. So when my friend and karaoke buddy Nick said I had to try the food at Burger 360, I trusted his judgement and scheduled dinner. And boy, does he have good judgement.

Burger360 exterior

Located on the Marina Walk (close to the Grosvenor Business House), Burger 360 looks slick and stylish inside. It makes me think of cool graphite, and carries a sense of minimalism with it. The cooking area is more like a spotlight, more like a stage, with diners able to sit on the bar stools if they wish and watch the chefs create magic.

Burger360 chef

And magic they do create. Effort goes into preparing everything – be it mocktails, or the burgers themselves. I thoroughly enjoyed the taster we got of the sweet potato fries – which aren’t on the menu (at the time I went) because there wasn’t enough demand! Whoa guys, SWEET POTATO FRIES ARE AMAZING.

Burger360 sweet potato

You’re doing yourself a disservice by not ordering them. If enough ask for it, it’ll hopefully grace the menu with its presence.

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There are excellent mocktails to be had, and the lovely staff is happy to make suggestions on items you might be interested in trying. Plus, if you order shakes, you get them made with Baskin Robbins ice-cream – any flavour you like!

Burger360 burger line-up

[OMG LOOK AT THOSE BEAUTIES!!!] Anyway, the burgers themselves. I am pleased to report these are juicy, made-to-order, delicious, filling and good quality burgers. Prepared fresh in front of your eyes, you will see exactly what goes into making your meal.

At the time we went to the restaurant (March 7 2013), the restaurant was running an “off-the-menu” special – this is the photo they posted on Twitter at the time. Now watch John devour that thing (after which he had a milkshake, and dessert, and fries):

And as if these gorgeous hunks of cooked meat aren’t enough to sate you, there’s dessert! We tried two options: the ice-cream whoopy, and the deep-fried ice cream (the latter on-the-house after the owner was impressed by John’s Herculean feat of demolishing that monster of a burger, fries and a shake.

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While both were nice, I must say I preferred the latter. The flavour of the ice-cream with the fried exterior blended so beautifully, it was a pleasure to eat it even though I was absolutely stuffed. I think I’m going to go back one day only to eat the deep-fried ice cream, so I can concentrate my stomach’s efforts on that globe of gastronomic beauty.

Overall, I had a great experience at the restaurant, and was impressed by the quality of the food. I do warn you, it can be heavy, so go with an empty stomach. I left that night, my burger craving sated. And piqued at the same time. That perfect combination.

FooDee ordered:
Special 360 = AED 53
Gourmet garlic fries = AED 17
B360 200g = AED 45
New Yorker 200g = AED 41
Ice cream whoopy = AED 21
Gourmet shake = AED 19
360 mocktail (small) = AED 16
360 mocktail (large) = AED 22
TOTAL = AED 234 (for three people)

Practical tips: The Dubai Marina metro station is the closest, though it’s about a 15-minute walk from there. Walk towards Grosvenor House and get onto the Marina Walk. You can drive, though it is possible to get stuck in Marina/JBR traffic over the weekends; there is a sandy lot near the buildings to park. Wear loose clothing. It’s open every day from 4pm-midnight. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Satisfying a burger craving at Burger360

  1. Enjoyed reading this, will definitely have to try it out soon Dee!

    1. Thanks Arva πŸ™‚ Let me know what you think.

  2. I’ve been meaning to pop in, so glad you did πŸ™‚ Great review. Do you know if they cook burgers rare or only medium-rare? Fuss-pot that I am πŸ˜‰

    1. I’m not sure FooDiva, but they do seem to make things to order so I don’t see why not. The owner is on Twitter btw – would you like me to DM you his ID?

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