The Breakfast Club

My friend had spotted The Breakfast Club in Hoxton and we decided to go there on a night out. The Breakfast Club doesn’t only serve breakfast, but lunches and dinners as well.

The interior looks like an American roadside diner, with bits and bobs from American history. You’ll even spot a skeleton by the door in the Hoxton branch. Plus they have things like old transistors and old photographs to make it look more authentic.

I ordered the Big Bad Burrito (clearly I was feeling adventurous and ready to test my stomach limits) which was with chicken, beans, salsa, jalapenos, cheddar, guacamole, sour cream and wholegrain rice. My friends ordered the spicy buffalo and blue cheese burger and a steak sandwich, both of which were massive as well. Extremely filling and delicious…and fattening. If you’re looking for filling food, American-style and you’re not bothered about your waistline…this is the place to go.

And because I’m the great food adventurer, I refuse to leave a place unless I have dessert. No matter how stuffed I am. So I ordered the sticky chocolate pudding and it turned out to be more like molten chocolate cake. But hey, I was definitely not complaining. It was sinful and melted in the mouth.

One of those restaurants that’s well worth repeat visits.

PS – They also have a late, late breakfast in case you feel breakfast-y after 5pm 🙂


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