Karak tea on Jumeirah Road

This is one of those short, random, tiny posts that is akin to a public service alert. One that just wants to let you know about something. I was alerted to this place on Jumeirah Beach Road by @MaliZomg who said there was a karak place in the area, right after Ijaza Cafeteria. Okay then. …

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In an Okku state of mind

Entering the sedate, calm lobby of The H Hotel, you will not imagine there's a dark, pulsating vibe present somewhere on the first floor. From the outside Okku blends with the hotel's look - and then you enter a dark place with loud, cool music, low lighting, a lit-up bar and black...black everywhere. Very much …

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Can ‘fast food’ be healthy? kCal says yes.

Healthy fast food? Things like that automatically make me sceptical. Can that even be possible? When I got an invite to check out kCal's new branch at TECOM, I decided to go and see for myself. The menu is extensive - it has soups, salads, mains which include chicken, beef, fish and veggies, wraps, sandwiches, …

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